Question: WheeStat potentiostat "sold out" in Public Lab store, how can I learn more about this tool?

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by amocorro | May 26, 2021 23:12 | #26717

This question was raised to our Kits Coordinator @a1ahna. We are sharing it here for the broader Public Lab community:

Original question: "...I would like to use the WheeStat potentiostat in order to develop research projects in energetic materials and environmental studies with my students. At this moment is almost impossible for our institution to spent $10000 in a commercial equipment. Most of my students course their second year in electrical engineering. They have basic knowledge in microprocessors just as Arduino. Because of that I think that the WheeStat is an excellent option for us...I noticed in your store the kit is sold out. How can we order one? How can we learn more about the WheeStat? -Omar (Costa Rica)

Response: "...there has been a lot of community interest in this kit lately and we are working to bring it back into our store. In order for us to reintroduce a kit to the store, there needs to be documented interest in it, therefore I encourage anyone interested to make an account on and post any questions you may have regarding the WheeStat directly on the website. By posting on the website, the expansive Public Lab community can share their knowledge with you, including the creator of the WheeStat kit.

In the mean time, I have collected some resources that may be helpful for you and your students: Here is the link to the wiki page regarding Potentiostats from Additionally, here is the link to the WheeStat User's Manual, with a collection of questions posed by Public Lab community members regarding this kit.
Finally, I'd like to direct you to the user page for Jack Summers, the creator of the WheeStat. He is typically very responsive on the Public Lab site, so I would advise you to and ask more questions on the site, or comment on one of Jack's Research Notes..."


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