Question: Auto-annotate iOS photos with GPS co'ords?

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by a1ahna | October 29, 2018 17:57 | #17423

Hello y'all! I've found this great iOS app called Theodolite that allows you to automatically annotate iPhone photos with GPS coordinates, date and time, and other information written directly onto the image. This tool is a life saver for monitoring work, saving the trouble of having to write down all the metadata and then correlate a photo log to the photo files, unfortunately, the $6 price makes it cost prohibitive for some folks.

Does anyone know of other apps that do the same thing, preferably free ones? Or any ideas for a simple way to recreate the automated annotation effect that won't add extra steps? I'm looking to use this app or another similar one for civilian monitoring of oil and gas pipelines and so I don't want to add any extraneous steps to the method. Thanks!


Hi Alahna! I posted a related question here a while back:

But also there are some posts about this over the years at the #gps tag. Hope this helps a bit!

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