Question: Where do you source your balloon reels?

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by a1ahna | July 01, 2021 21:10 | #26962

Hey y'all! We're having some difficulty sourcing kite reels seeing as Shanti Kites is temporarily closed. Does anyone have suggestions on alternative sources where I can buy pre-wound reels with 1,000 feet of 110# Dacron line on a 8 inch hoop winder, or something similar? Tagging in all of my brilliant kits predecessors for help! @cfastie @eustatic @patcoyle @matthew @bronwen @warren


This has become a real challenge!

Adding in a couple more friends! @shanlter @liz

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Have you reached out to Into The Wind? They sell reels and line separately, but might be worth reaching out to see if they would do custom bulk orders.

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