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Yeipi asked on March 26, 2018 18:36
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Dear Community Members, Does anyone know if there are OScH tools to measure pollen in air? (or proxys/surrogates...). Anyone interested in working on one?



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liz 25 days ago

Pollen seems to be around pm10. are you interested in measuring only pollen (yikes! hard!) or generally all particulate matter around that size? Here's a general page about monitoring particulate matter: that also links to which might be interesting because your lead photo indicates you can see the pollen!

warren 25 days ago

Can you identify pollen by shape?

Yeipi 24 days ago

@liz: the size can go from 10 to 200um, but most pollens of interest might be under 50 um. It could be a good assumption that on high pollen season, most particles under that range might be pollen associated?? @warren the shapes can be very distinct. Maybe if we know the shape of the pollen grains that are predominant in our city, we could do something base on shape? Thank you both!

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2 Answers

Here's an answer from Clarke Knight who's studying pollen accumulation rates at Berkeley:: "Pollen is not typically 'measured' in air, per se. Pollen can be collected with terrestrial traps (often made of pvc pipes) or moss pollsters. Traps would be buried flush with the ground and pollen could be collected over the course of a season. Pollen can also be collected from lakes by taking lake core sediments. Because pollen is microscopic (10-150 microns typically), you would also need additional equipment to sort out the pollen and then count it."

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