Question: Where can I get Hilton Kelly bucktes?

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by Stevenlee | November 19, 2020 22:10 | #25082

We just need air testing in our small town of Val Verde, ca. A small multi racial town.


@Stevenlee thanks for your question regarding the Bucket tool. Public Lab is actually making this tool available soon in our store in the form of a kit. @mimiss do we have the launch date to share?

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remember the buckets only test for VOC's.. what is your concern? What is the source of the pollution, etc?

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Hi @Stevenlee, we don't expect to have this up in the store until mid-December at the earliest, maybe January, but there are a bunch of resources online and I'm happy to chat offline if you need specific support. It's a pretty simple build if you wanted to construct one yourself, but there are some other considerations—connecting with a lab, raising $ for sample analysis, etc— that can be challenging. Happy to talk more.

We are doing an OpenHour call on the bucket on December 9, when we'll have folks on who have used it extensively and may be able to answer your questions directly. If you need help getting oriented or have questions, I would strongly recommend attending!

@stevenlee the Bucket kit is now available in Public Lab's store. Learn more about it here:

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