Question: Studying the impact of a Cineplex in a residential area

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by SSamuel | October 01, 2018 07:50 | #17194

I want to do a study on a Cineplex in my neighbourhood which is in a residential area. The setbacks for the sites of Cineplex is similar to a residential set back (there were no laws in place when the Cineplex was built). Over the years, it has grown to attract more people from far off places in the city.As the facility expanded, the number of vehicles coming into the area past midnight, the headlights of these vehicles, the noise of the diesel generator set and the air pollution caused due to it and also the expulsion of food and other waste into the public sewers originally designed for residential purposes is creating multiple for me and the other residents around it. The location is in a third world country. We would like to do a study using citizen science to study the impact of the facility on the air, water and ground in addition to the nuisance it causes by way of noise to build our case and submit to the authorities. Are there similar studies done/ if there you can provide inputs, I would be grateful.


Wonderful to hear from you! Many residents face this kind of land use impact in their neighborhoods, and it can seem impossible to be heard by City Planning Departments, City Council people, etc. But this is actually the first step refinement towards making progress on this issue that i'd like to ask you: who do you want to reach with the results of the study? Answering this clearly can help us design an appropriate project. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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We plan to approach the local authorities which has influence in this area. The civic sense is strong and notions of access to clean air,water and good health as basic rights is already present among the people. The data is to present the case substantiating the claims. Something tangible like this will also help in mobilising individuals who are being affected and are unaware

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Nice question

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