Question: How do you test for oil and gas-related contaminants in soils?

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by DanielleS | January 22, 2019 17:55 | #18162

Working on some soil resources for folks and communities checking out their soils for contamination.


Barium (metals) and Radium 226 (TENORM) are big indicators in production waste.

Oils, Diesels, there are many fractions to test for, unless you are looking for refined product, then your tests will be simpler.

“An Assessment of Produced Water Impacts to Low-Energy, Brackish Water Systems in Southeast Louisiana” Kerry St Pé, Ed. DEQ WPC July 1990

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I posted a note here, let's see if i can find test results. here photos, there was oil pipe cleaning sludge, along with biogenic oils. the chemical smell of oil was very strong <1 ft from the water surface.

Production waste is briny, and will sink!

keep in mind, after 20 minutes of exposure getting the samples out of this ditch, i was in minor respiratory distress from chemical exposure. i took the next day off to sleep it off. not for kids.

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