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I’m Mohamed AL Khatim Ahmed Aal . Computer & Information Engineer, having an experience over 13 years in Computer systems infrastructure /interactive media Productions & UAV Autonomous Aviation

like the American Aviator/Film maker (Howard Hughes) - I see the Big Picture – in Aviation Industries and interactive Multimedia .

At international level:

Member of DIY DRONES world's first Universal Autopilot

Member of Safecast ( Global Sensor Network for Collecting and Sharing Radiation Measurements)

At National (SUDAN) level:

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Developer (Sudan's First UAS for Applications) R&D Project

GBS ( Pulse Ground Balancing System ) Professional Search and locating Engineer

Earth Scan & Gold Prospecting Mission- Northern Sudan

Team leader/Art Director : Computing Curriculum Project (Ministry of Education Sudan 2007 )

Member of Sudan Internet Society (Sudan Top Level Domain)

Director/ART Director of the first 3D stereoscopic Film in Sudan (Ministry of Oil) 2013

Joined almost 4 years ago

ASC- Airborne Smart Cultivator R&D project

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ASC- Airborne Smart Cultivator R&D project( Robot+Payload)

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Please watch our video ,

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dear friends and colleges our project inspired by public lab community R&D many thanks and ...

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Sudan Team SAP DRONE Project/SAP (Smart Agriculture Payload)

by Mohamed over 3 years ago | 2 | 3,911 | 4

Developing UAVs for combined millet / Acacia , Airborne Automated Cultivation. ![Desertification...

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