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ASC- Airborne Smart Cultivator R&D project( Robot+Payload)

by Mohamed | December 26, 2015 18:41 26 Dec 18:41 | #12544 | #12544


What I want to do

ASC- Airborne Smart Cultivator is hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) with robotics terminal (robotics arms) and high speed air to ground GPS cultivation unit (precision agriculture) It’s an integrated system Based on Broadcom Arm7 Quad Core Processor which execute several operation simultaneously to resolve the issues of automated farming, environmental hazards, NDVI imagery to identify problems and supplement crop scouting in agriculture

My attempt and results



Questions and next steps

Opencv (computer vision) plant recognizer: a leaf recognition system using the leaf vein and shape that can be used for plant classification. The proposed approach uses major main vein and frequency domain data by using Fast Fourier Transform (hereinafter, FFT) methods with distance between contour and centroid on the detected leaf image.

water+ organic pest resistance system Using v- sat for long rang communications and solar power for long endurance and power saving Ultrasonic Pest Repellers (underdevelopment) Ultrasonic pest repellers are electronic devices that emit high-frequency sounds designed to repel, injure or kill pests Pest Detection device (underdevelopment) This electronic circuit converts the high pitched sounds produced by bats to a human-audible level.

Why I'm interested

The agricultural sector is going to face enormous challenges in order to feed the 9.6 billion people that the FAO predicts are going to inhabit the planet by 2050: food production must increase by 70% by 2050 One way to address these issues and increase the quality and quantity of agricultural production is (Robotics &Drone technology) to make farms more “intelligent” and more connected through the so-called “precision agriculture” using cutting edge multirole robot that can perform automated cultivation from the sky and agricultural missions and environment measurements on the ground.

• How can your idea be implemented for the good of humanity? • SAP smart agriculture payload is a Harvested team work development, experiences and ideas for more than ten years in the field of advanced computing & avionics with a wealth of knowledge in the field of optics & sensor refined and supported by agricultural research .

• we decided to integrate commercial- of-the-shelf (COTS) avionics system (i.e. computers, sensors and other electronic equipment) open architecture hardware (flight computer, sensors, modems, etc) with a so-called ’rapid prototyping software suite’ to develop our project with low cost (COTS) avionics& sensors built in open source development platforms . • the open source technology help us to design and implement SAP project and we expect to achieve integrated ready to fly )SAP ) (section 1+ section 2) UAVs payload attached to different type of drones in less than one year.



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