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I was an Engineer and Researcher, tinkering with Electromagnetic Waves (theory and practical) and quantum physics at some closed down non disclosure lab at CSIR India, and helped in constructing Spectroscopy instruments (Tunable Near-InfraRed NIR).

Friend of ILUGC, FSFTN, FSMK, SIARS, HillHacks, OSM Mapping communities in India. Likes to hangaround with people who like Making & Hacking stuff (which give equal importance to both hardware and software). Not a proprietary software user primarily.... Hate them :)

An Amateur Radio Operator who yet to home-brew his receiver and transmitter stations. Contributes to OSM & Wikipedia (fun and interesting). Like to explore places with map and magnetic compass. Learning Cartography. Wanted to learn Astronomy.

Using and Tinkering Open Hardware right from when it started. * My first home brew project is ASK and FSK with IR TX/RX

Using GNU distros(from 2005) - and does some programming that interacts with hardware.

Often downlods public datasets like Wolf houl sounds and play with them. Have SRTM3 data set completely downloaded....

While in Chennai scavenged around the streets of Thiruvanmiyur when i have done my independent research for Factory made Packaged food and made a few documents out of it - which still an ongoing project.

Loves to Cook, Test them with spectrometer(still not built one), like to solve Rubiks cube (LBL). Likes to play carrom with friends.

Not interested in working for government or earning a masters or doc from the present education system. Instead love to share and learn from people. Have six unpublished papers in hand (which is not going to be published).

Loves to participate in Public Demonstrations against Subjugative regimes and acts of Estabishments... :sunglasses: Sucks at telephonic conversation .... :confounded: Hates Centralization, Hierarchical, Subjugative structures..... :rage: