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Call for early adopters to test uploading data to Qri

by rgardaphe | January 10, 2019 16:21 10 Jan 16:21 | #18096 | #18096

Hi all!

I wanted to invite you to test out the latest release of Qri ("query"), a free and open source dataset version control system / network for finding, collaborating on and publishing open datasets. It's a kind of git/github just for open datasets. It's still in "alpha" meaning that it might be a little buggy, so this is a call for early adopters to kick the tires! To test it out, download Qri for Mac (or command line tools), and then upload a test dataset to it. Then share how your experience was.

Some quick background on us is that we got started in late 2016 supporting the movement to archive US government data during the administration transition, and now we have created a platform for you to host your own datasets on. Today, Qri can support community & open data projects. I can help you post datasets you rely on or topics of interest/work to Qri, just let us know. Here's what QRI -- "a global dataset version control system on IPFS" -- does differently and better than other ways to store data online:

Qri is global and content-addressed, which means that adding data to qri also checks the entire network to see if someone has added it before. Since qri is focused solely on datasets, it can provide meaningful search results. Every change on qri is associated with a peer, creating an audit-able trail you can use to quickly see what has changed and who has changed it. All datasets on qri are automatically described at the time of ingest using a flexible schema that makes data naturally inter-operate. Qri comes with tools to turn all datasets on the network into a JSON API with a single command. Finally, all changes in qri are tracked & synced.

Things to know before you get started:

  • All data on qri is public, and discoverable by anyone on the network once you hit publish. Until you hit 'publish,' the dataset is in a state much like an unlisted phone number in the phonebook. It's still reachable/findable, but only if you know the dataset's hash.

How to Download:

  • For now, you'll need a Mac to use the front-end app (windows support is coming). To run qri from your command line, scroll down on the download page.

How to use Qri:


Network of Users


Dataset 'Body"

| |



Transformations (Code)


Sharing your Feedback:

How you can support Qri:

  • Try it out and/or introduce us to a data scientist in your life.
  • Follow / promote qri on Twitter (@qri_io) or star on Github.

Thank you so much!Rico


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