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Coqui draft board design on Upverter

by warren | September 14, 2014 18:09 14 Sep 18:09 | #11142 | #11142

What I want to do

Make a simple through-hole Printed Circuit Board for the Coqui <$5 water conductivity sensor.

My attempt and results

I don't really know how to do circuit layout but I attempted on

Questions and next steps

I'm tempted to just order this and see if it works. It's like the one Katie and I did on a blank PCB:


But I'd love it if someone checked my work.

Why I'm interested

Let more people make Coquis simply and cheaply!

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Markdown This looks really good!

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The first time i have ever found a tree frog in my house was at the LEAFFEST where the Coqui was built, tested, and designed for PCB. .

Clearly not a coincidence.

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I hadn't heard of upverter.

Adafruit has been pushing Eagle software, which is non-libre and has a cost. I've been seeing a lot of Eagle usage in the maker community, mostly, I suspect, due to the influence of Adafruit.

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Upverter is nice, Eagle is just as user-friendly as a CAD software from the 80's is expected to be... We should find someone to give us all a KiCAD lesson:

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I'm fully in support of distributing proto-boarded Coqui's over circuit boards, mainly because we may need to add parts/change the resistor and capacitor values. I'm not sure much is gained by soldering everything down.

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Recently bumped into this:

Haven't looked much into it, but the front page shows there are some collaboration tools as part of the design process.

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Will Macfarlane (@wmacfarl) kept working on this and has a more compact version which we're not quite sure works. There may be a problem with the 555s themselves, but I like how compact this is. It doesn't have the features of Don's more complex version here: but Parts and Crafts has been using it. I'll upload a photo soon.

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PCB on the right, of course.

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