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Ambient Light Reflection Suppression

by stef | September 28, 2016 18:45 | 60 views | 2 comments | #13497 | 60 views | 2 comments | #13497 28 Sep 18:45

I have used an automotive type flat black rust paint which is available locally and comes as a spray can application or in a 237ml can for brush. Also have completed upgrades as suggested originally by @stoft with some modifications to suit my purpose one of which I tapped a 13/64" - 5,16mm hole with a 1/4-20 tpi thread to mount the spectrometer onto a tripod. Also I used some flat black cardstock to line the interior and just painted the areas that were not convenient to line with paper.


This shows a 1/4-20 metal adapter for a tripod mount also addition of the rear 1.5X2 bulkhead with an indicator power on lead for the scavenged web cam and @stoft drawing.


This image is the next project showing the front porch for the cuvette holder , the tappped into maple tripod thread, various camera support blocks and the paper insert for reflection suppression. Not shown is the paper cover.



Thanks a lot! Have you seen a significant drop in baseline light after the painting?

We hope to replicate this more at these upcoming events:

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Unfortunately I did not do a baseline measurement to do a comparison. Will keep that in mind for the future.


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