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SNOWFEST the Movie

by cfastie | March 02, 2014 17:02 02 Mar 17:02 | #10097 | #10097

cfastie was awarded the Video Documentation Barnstar by warren for their work in this research note.

There was some discussion of Blair House on Public Lab regional forums before SNOWFEST, and Laura posted the definitive results of the overnight deployment of RIFFLE prototypes in Blair House. So we have very good evidence that Blair House strongly moderates temperature, at least when a namesake body is involved. More importantly, the RIFFLE hardware got another field test and performed well. But there is substantial confusion about what Blair House is, and what it has to do with Public Lab.

Those who missed the pre-SNOWFEST discussions (e.g., here) are most likely to have lingering questions. So I put together a four minute video to relate the story of Blair House and its crucial role at the SNOWFEST gathering in Vermont last weekend (thanks to Don for critical footage). This should clear things up nicely, but the short answer is that Blair House is a quinzee which was constructed a few days before SNOWFEST as the official guest residence of the event. It was eponymously occupied on Saturday night, and is still in my backyard.

And I'm not going anywhere near it.


you guys :)

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