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Research by warren 7612 research notes and wiki edits starting almost 7 years ago

Use Git and GitHub to contribute and improve Public Lab software

by warren 1 day ago | 0 | 41 | 0

Public Lab software is written in many languages, and each project may have its own guidelines fo...

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Draft: Find the concentration of a liquid with a DIY spectrometer

by warren 2 days ago | 1 | 63 | 0

If you have a solution of unknown concentration -- for example, a water sample that's greenish or...

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Does the Beer Lambert law apply to the opacity of reagents?

by warren 3 days ago | 0 | 52 | 0

I guess it depends on if the reagent color change is linearly related to the concentration of the...

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What are design guidelines or constraints we aspire to at Public Lab?

by warren 6 days ago | 0 | 81 | 1

It's easy to be at cross-purposes when collaborating if you don't have the same assumptions about...

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Can we create a guide or set of guides to interpreting infrared or NDVI images?

by warren 8 days ago | 0 | 74 | 0

Folks often ask for help in interpreting multispectral imagery (like [NDVI](

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What's one thing that could be better for newcomers about the Public Lab website?

by warren 9 days ago | 4 | 147 | 3

I often hear from people about something they wish were better on, and we love hear...

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How can we reduce visual clutter on the sidebar of

by warren 9 days ago | 1 | 69 | 0

There's an ongoing project to reimagine the purpose, and then the design, of the sidebar on [Publ...

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What's the best setup for a copper rod or copper plate test for DIY hydrogen sulfide detection?

by warren 9 days ago | 0 | 102 | 1

At the #Barnraising, folks explored a few different ways of preparing copper sheets for a DIY hyd...

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What's happening at the 2017 Barnraising?

by warren 20 days ago | 0 | 119 | 1

This is a page for folks to post notes, pictures, etc to as the Barnraising unfolds. We'll also b...

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What questions will you bring to the Barnraising? (Part II)

by warren 21 days ago | 0 | 78 | 2

The Barnraising starts tomorrow morning! We're all super excited. At the [past ...

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Can I use a Raspberry Pi with the Pi Noir camera to make NDVI images?

by warren 23 days ago | 0 | 173 | 0

There's been a lot posted on the site about this, so I'm asking this to help collect up some answ...

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How do I easily set up a Raspberry Pi SD card?

by warren 23 days ago | 0 | 114 | 1

This is a real barrier for lots of folks, myself included! What are some ways to make this easier?

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What is the easiest and cheapest way to make a kite big enough to carry a camera?

by warren 23 days ago | 0 | 82 | 0

Say, a [GoPro clone](

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Software outreach: a blog series

by warren 26 days ago | 0 | 170 | 3

Since early 2016, Public Lab has worked to [make our open source software projects more welcomi...

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Join DocCom -- the Barnraising 2017 documentation committee, and publish the Barnraiser!

by warren 27 days ago | 0 | 109 | 1

Greetings, DocCom members, and other Barnraising attendees! What is DocCom, ...

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Can we use a color calibration reference card to calculate absolute values for DIY NDVI?

by warren 27 days ago | 0 | 110 | 1

As part of the Infragram project, folks across Public Lab...

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Scan and compare different gases (in discharge tubes, like neon) using a DIY spectrometer

by warren 27 days ago | 0 | 223 | 2

A common classroom activity I remember is to scan different excited gases (safely inside glass tu...

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What sessions would people like to have at the 2017 Barnraising?

by warren 28 days ago | 1 | 126 | 1

Inspired by @cfastie's session-organizing [post for LEAFFEST](

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Help with a standard mini-evaluation for assessing software outreach efforts?

by warren 29 days ago | 5 | 155 | 1

In our continuing #software-outreach efforts, and after this past summer's great Summer of Code p...

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Set up a Mobius Action Cam for timelapse

by warren about 1 month ago | 0 | 115 | 2

The Mobius Action Cam is used in the Infragram Point & Shoot, and ...

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Change the white balance (or other configuration) on a Mobius camera

by warren about 1 month ago | 0 | 128 | 2

This is part of the documentation of the Infragram Point & Shoot b...

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What's an easy way to compare two liquid samples with a spectrometer?

by warren about 1 month ago | 0 | 117 | 0

I'm interested in sharing out an activity on comparing two samples -- a "control" of distilled wa...

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Getting started with infrared photography on

by warren about 1 month ago | 0 | 143 | 1

This tutorial walks through working with images on, which is an ea...

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Update firmware on the Mobius Action Cam

by warren about 1 month ago | 0 | 122 | 1

If you're having trouble setting the white balance on your Mobius Action Cam (used in the [Infrag...

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Install a filter or change the lens in a Mobius Action Cam

by warren about 1 month ago | 0 | 141 | 2

This activity shows how to install a custom filter and/or change the lens in the Infragram Point ...

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Learn to kite map a marsh: an October 21st workshop at Tidmarsh Farms

by warren about 1 month ago | 0 | 360 | 1

Hi, folks - in response to Glorianna Davenport's [request for help](

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How do DIY microscopes compare (cost, ease of use, resolution) to commercial options?

by warren about 1 month ago | 1 | 165 | 1

For folks to decide whether a DIY microscope is a worthwhile approach in (for example) looking at...

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What are good sources of cheap bulk giant mylar balloons?

by warren about 1 month ago | 0 | 99 | 0

For the #mini-balloon-kit, we're sourcing lots of big mylar balloons, 32-36 inches in diameter. W...

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How does data from a Kestrel wind sensor compare to an Modern Device wind sensor?

by warren about 1 month ago | 0 | 113 | 1

The Kestrel is the commercial logger used on the NASA #aren project's #aeropod design, and the AS...

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How do we get data off of different wind sensors

by warren about 1 month ago | 0 | 65 | 0

Such as the #SKYPOD, or a commercial Kestrel logger

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