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Wateristic: an underwater bioluminescence detector

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Lead image "La Jolla and the Blue Waves" by Kevin Baird is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


I'm working on this in New Orleans. Maritime shipping is a huge industry here and we're hoping that this sensor can make it safer. This can be used by boaters in these locations:

  • Mississippi River
  • Lake Ponchatrain
  • Gulf of Mexico

Goals and Motivations

Our goal is to make a underwater sensor that can detect bioluminescence. Concerned about safety of shipping and want to develop an interesting way to view the ocean.

People who are involved

@omarion, @jguillen055_stu, @mimiss, and @amallozzi are working on this

What are we working on now:

We are just getting started. We're working to develop a sensor. First steps include: - Decide parts - Develop code - Build it - Create a way to test it


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