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Strategic Plan

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Goal: We support community science base-building, leading to increased victories for local environmental action.

Objective 1: We make it easier for communities to lead scientific investigations through peer networking, education, and the use of open technology and data.

The enhancement of an inclusive onboarding process and connection hub for the growing number of people interested in environmental problem solving will lead to better resource sharing and stronger topic-based collaborations. This work is disseminated through educational programming, the creation of community science methodology, and focus on accessible technology.

Objective 2: We develop community leadership in science.

We support communities traditionally excluded from using science to create positive environmental and social change. At the forefront of our work are community leaders with the backing of broad scientific, legal, and technological expert networks equipped to tackle pressing local environmental justice challenges. Community science is well-positioned to be broadly implemented in these partnerships through a clearly framed, impact tested, and ready-to-be-engaged-with model. We support the next generation of community scientists by focusing on skill-building and training that create leverage points for achieving environmental justice.

Objective 3: We build alliances with other like-minded organizations.

To support broader movement-building, we commit to advancing community science outside of Public Lab by sharing strategies, building alliances, and working with historic holders of scientific knowledge to help them share power. Our resources are best used when they contribute to the vision, goals, and needs of those living in, and impacted by, environmentally unjust situations. The Public Lab network is extensive and we extend our model of movement building to focus on how we can build community science as a norm for local environmental problem-solving.

These strategic initiatives were created between fall 2018-fall 2019 by Public Lab staff and board members through collaborative planning, drafting, and review sessions. Download the plan below.