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Security/privacy best practices for data and devices

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Public Lab privacy and security guidelines

This document contains policies and recommendations followed by Public Lab staff for keeping digital data, devices, and private or sensitive data secure.

There are a few simple things you can do to dramatically increase your security and prevent breaches.

What’s at risk?

Security and privacy is a broad topic, and the best way to begin is to identify what you’re trying to protect. Consider:

  • What are you protecting? Names and addresses? Photos, health data, passwords, or secrets?
  • Whose information is it? Who should it be kept from? What resources do they have to find it out?
  • Where do you store or transmit information? Using your phone or laptop? By email, text message, or phone call? On Dropbox or Slack?
  • Who are you trusting when you store or transmit information? Your colleagues? An online service? Your office neighbors? People who share your printer?

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