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Public Lab is working with local partners (the Mystic River Watershed Association, the UNH, Plymouth State, UMass Amherst, and others) to make water quality monitoring more open. Our current project has three main goals:

1. Open source water quality sensors

We're developing a low-cost, open source hardware device that will measure some of the most common water quality parameters , using a design that makes it possible for anyone to build, modify, and deploy water quality sensors in their own neighborhood.

2. Open water quality data online

We're working with hydrologists and water resource managers to create easy, accessible ways for communities to share water quality data.

3. Grassroots education, research, and action

We're bringing together citizens, students, researchers, and water resource managers to work on water quality issues that affect them locally.

The Plan

  • Develop a basic water quality sensor prototype design;
  • Develop a basic online water quality data platform;
  • Hold an initial grassroots water quality workshop to identify next steps;
  • Continue to improve and expand upon the sensor technology, the online data repository, and the citizen science network.

[See "Project Updates" below to see recent progress in these areas, and to find a way to join in!]

The Team

We've assembled a world-class team of researchers and water resource managers, and our network of collaborators and contributors is growing rapidly:

  • Mary Martin
  • Mark Green
  • Patrick Herron
  • Jeff Walker
  • Ben Gamari
  • Don Blair
  • Paula Rees
  • Jennifer Welbourne
  • Catherine d'Ignazio
  • Andy Anderson
  • The Public Lab community

Support this work by volunteering or donating

We're always looking for new contributors, and for new applications of an 'open source' approach to water quality and water safety. We're currently crowfunding an pilot project in the Mystic River watershed, and we're looking for contributions.

Project Updates

We'll be posting project updates below, with the most recent updates on top.