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Dual Camera Kit Guide

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Dual camera kit

This page will host instructions on assembling and using the infrared/visible dual camera kit as distributed through the Balloon Mapping Kit Kickstarter project.

This page is under construction but please get in touch on the mailing list if you want to collaborate on creating it.


  • How this works, why we do it
  • What it's useful for
  • How far we've gotten
  • Things to try and/or improve


  • Assemble the camera bracket
    • Putting the T rig inside a big soda bottle for protection?
    • Attaching the timer/battery? This will evolve as soon as people try to use the rig. It would be good to avoid damaging crashes by new users.
    • Use the camera strap as a safety tether.
  • Simple: - just trigger cameras with rubber bands
  • Advanced: Assemble the electronics
    • Assembling the 555 timer circuit
    • Preparing USB cables
    • Preparing batteries and battery holders
  • Install and configure the software
    • Choosing an SD card and loading the software
    • Configuring the camera menus

Using your kit

Processing the images

  • Link to Photoshop/Gimp technique
  • Video screencast of MapKnitter technique
  • Brainstorm better techniques


  • This will be written last

Attached is the "introduction" document which shipped with each kit (also editable in Google Docs). For help, please contact the mailing list -- either register on Public Laboratory or email