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The Public Lab Writing Group (PLWG) was formed at the 2013 Barnraising as a means of systematically furthering the mission of Public Lab through publication, both internal and external.

Even before the Writing Group, Public Lab members have been writing for a variety of publications, and most of the published work is collected on the Media page.


The PLWG generates two publications on a monthly basis, one is a blog post for the Public Lab website and the other is an external publication, potentially a blog post for another site, book chapter, reviewed article, etc. A monthly Writing Leader is responsible for choosing a topic for the Public Lab blog post and finding an external publication to write for. Blog posts are expected to be completed and posted during the month in which they are begun. The time associated with external publications is dependent upon outside forces and are not expected to be completed within the month. Writing Leaders are responsible for stewarding the external publication begun during their month from initial writing through to final publication, including liaising with outside reviewers and making sure any requested edits are completed.


For multi-author papers, the order of authorship will be mutually agreed upon by all authors with the primary author being listed first. Where appropriate, authorship will be attributed to the Public Lab Writing Group.

Leader Schedule


Blog is reinstated with monthly posts from staff


November - Bronwen Densmore
December - Jessi Breen


January - Willie Schubert
February - ?

Writing Project Schedule


October - Barnraising summary blog post/PBS IdeaLab Team: Shannon and Jessi Due date: October 17th

October- ACME paper final review Team: Jessi, Shannon, Jeff Due date: past due

October- Public Lab blog post schedule and strategy Team: Shannon and Jessi

November - Barnraising blog post Team: Bronwen

December - Eclectis project interview/??? Team: Jessi Due date: Jan 1

Google Group

Joining the Google Group will mean that you'll receive emails from the group about current and upcoming writing projects. If you want to participate in the writing group, you should also add yourself to the member list below.

Public Lab Writing Group - Google Group

Members (7)

Listing oneself as a member of the PLWG means that you want to participate in writing projects, including serving as a Writing Leader on a rotating basis.

Jessi Breen
Bronwen Densmore
Willie Schubert
Liz Barry
Jeff Warren
Shannon Dosemagen
Scott Eustis

Don Blair

Reading Lists

Public Lab bibliography: This page is dedicated to developing a bibliography of academic and popular literature on environmental justice, environmental health issues and the open source movement.

Additional suggested readings