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Organizers Summit

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Upcoming Organizers Summit

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Previous Organizer's Summits

When: Thursday, November 13th, 2014, the day before the 2014 Barnraising
Where: LUMCON in Cocodrie, Lousiana


  • Values Statement Redux from Barnraising 2013: opportunity to sort and categorize ideas that came forward last year and prepare for interaction with larger group [30 mins]
  • State of the Community - stats on growth and depth of engagement
  • State of the Regions - Organizer’s own updates and goal statements
  • Asset Mapping “I can teach [X]” / “I’d like to learn [Y]”
  • The Organizers Handbook - a document which emerged after a regional gathering in June 2014, now ready for final review and debate on contested topics
  • LUNCH!
  • Brief presentation on 9 principles of Public Lab style, discussion
  • Unconference (single track)

Organizers Summit goals

(including some goals stated by organizers at the end of the entire Barnraising weekend)

  • Dan: flare stare, drone with cameras, hydrogen ballooning, mapping sand fracking in picayune area
  • Ben: connect with petcoke activists, build Chicago chapter (evangelize, deploy, grow, make solid and resilient), expand my own knowledge of PL tools, find protege?, underwater drone + water quality with Fereshtah
  • Jessi: Be present
  • Ann: Alberta chapter / Canada, tar sands oil pipeline data-driven story, air/water quality.
  • Melissa: Vancouver chapter, focus through connection to project
  • Don: connection among health/food/environ., history of development of tools, digital labor $$$ for work resources, in person meetup in Boston on state-of-art DIY water quality, start series of short videos of "how I found Public Lab and what it means to me"
  • Jen: New England events like toolshed raisings, connecting housing with air quality
  • Chris: distribute 3d printed aerial rigs to more people, design a 3d printable spectrometer
  • Yagiz: Turkish chapter, food safety, 3d printed spec
  • Catherine: Babbling Brook 2nd field deployment, journalism class, curriculum for step-by-step dataviz for Riffle and Coqui, path forward for OpenWater,
  • Dogi: env field deployment of RaspberryPi for live data
  • Bronwen: Research Handbook for grassroots research, work with libraries and other institutions, Deadhorse Bay, promote PL research, Wikipedia editathon,
  • Liz: community development best practices, including improving the Organizers Summit
  • Becki: Portland trial lending library with google form
  • Scott: build a Dustduino for Gulf Coast
  • Katie: Public Lab winter holiday party
  • Cindy: Build UK Chapter
  • Will (Somerville): ReplicateMe tag / SciEd tag
  • Mathew: Public Lab TV sustainable business model
  • Sara: H2S tool in Texas, science review of how DIY tools relate to other tools, online storytelling platform with public health, mapmill platform to connect citizens with agencies.
  • Steve Hicks (visiting but not an organizer): Quality control, NSF funded science, agencies all over the US, reverse engineering water quality parameters from spectrometers, Public Lab P&C, PL stuff with kids and adults
  • Stevie: friends, create two new Gulf Coast organizers and one new midwest organizer, learn more about organizer-led projects
  • Cindy: documentary on Gowanus, UK chapter, PhD, write and read more research notes and connect with more people
  • Katie: kid workshops, air quality, infrared camera
  • Will Ward: facilitate discussion on how organizers make decisions and undersign/vote

Collaborations emerging out of shared goals:

  • New and growing chapters: Yagiz (Turkey), Cindy (UK), Melissa & Ann (west canada and US northwest), Ben/Stevie (Chicago/midwest), Brazil (Ives, VJ)
  • Curriculum on coqui: Catherine, Will, Katie
  • Workshop structures for community development: Cindy, Katie, Will, Liz, Bronwen

Northeast Organizers Summit

  • When: Friday, June 6th, 2014
  • Where: Tidmarsh Farm in Plymouth, Massachusetts

The day before the Northeast Barnraising, the Organizers Summit is set aside as a time to share ideas, brainstorm projects and share strategies. The agenda is open and contributions to it can be made on the "talk" page of this wiki. Ideas include:

- How do we share information and manage projects?

- How do we support new organizers and grow our chapters?

- What does Public Lab teamwork look like?

- What are meaningful community + technologist interactions?

- What are ways to turn data to action?

Add your thoughts, ideas and talking points to the Talk page! Looking forward to seeing you then!

If you are not able to make it to the Summit in MA, there will be one held later in the summer on the Gulf Coast!