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March Mapping Madness

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Following our Kickstarter success, Public Lab is embarking on its own version of March Madness. We aim for our community to self-organize meet-ups and training sessions to show new members of the balloon mapping community how to get started making their own maps! If you are an experienced grassroots mapper on this page you can volunteer to organize an event near you. If you are just getting started on this page you can connect with those putting together an event near you!

Get Involved!

This page contains dates and locations for a workshop series to welcome Kickstarter backers into the aerial mapping community.

Help organize a meeting in your area!

Add your name and email beneath a site you can get to or if your area isn't listed, add your name beneath the virtual meeting and/or add your location to the list and see if anyone else could meet in your area! Not sure how to edit this page to add your name? See "Directions on how to edit this page" below.

Have an idea for a site to map in your area?

Add suggestions for sites beneath the area you want to meet. Not sure how to edit this page to add your name? See "Directions on how to edit this page" below.

Interested in participating in a workshop?

Add your name and contact info. below a site you can get to. If you can't find a site close to you, add your name beneath the virtual meeting and/or add your location to the list and see if anyone else could meet in your area! Not sure how to edit this page to add your name? See "Directions on how to edit this page" below.

Directions on how to edit this page

To add your name to a site or edit this page: First log into your public lab account. If you have no Public Lab account sign up here. Once you are signed in you should see an "edit" tab at the top of this text area. Click that "edit" tab at the top of this page. This makes the text of this page editable. Make the changes you wish to the text, such as adding your name, by clicking inside the text window and typing you changes. Once you have made your changes save them by clicking the "save" button at the bottom of the page. You should see that your changes have been save to the page. If you wish to revise your edits, simply click "edit" again and repeat this process. If you have questions email

Where are other Balloon Mappers?

These maps show roughly (by zipcode, with identifying information removed) the locations of people who purchased balloon mapping kits with the recent kickstarter. Take a look and find out if there are others interested in balloon mapping near you!

Is there no one near you? No worries, collaborate on organizing a virtual meet-up to learn how to balloon map and how to use Mapknitter software to make your own maps.

Dates and Locations

February 14 London UCL February 17 London UCL

Upcoming TBD

Austin See Austin Event Planning Page

Organizers: Shannon Dosemagen, Mathew Lippincott, Gregory Foster, Jen Hudon,

Interested in participating:

Date: Sunday March 11th Location: Exact Location TBD, near University of Texas Austin

Asheville - March 31st - Saturday 10 AM see Planning Page for Asheville Event.

Organizers: Adam Griffith Jessi Breen,

Interested in participating:

Boston see Boston Event Planning Page

Organizers: Katie Gradowski,, Jeff Warren,

Interested in participating: Jen Hudon, Arlene Ducao, arlduc(at) (depending on date)

Location: Parts and Crafts

NYC - See NY-NJ-CT region page. Locations include StudioX, GreenMaps, and others TBD.

organizers: Liz Barry, liz at; Manpriya Samra, mksamra at

Interested in participating: Arlene Ducao, arlduc(at) (depending on date) Kirk Jalbert, kirkjalbert(at) (March 24?)

Portland organizers: Mathew Lippincott,

Interested in participating:

Chicago organizers: Chris McAvoy

Interested in participating: james warden,

L.A. / San Diego See L.A./ San Diego Event Planning Page Organizers: Sam Kronick,

Interested in participating:

San Francisco See San Francisco Event Planning Page

organizers: Stewart Long, Interested in participating: Pat Coyle,

Davis/Sacramento See Davis/Sacramento Event Planning Page

organizers: Michele Tobias

Michele has kite equipment. We're looking for someone with balloon equipment to join in. We also need ideas for places to map.

Interested in participating: Pat Coyle, I've got tank (80 scf) and balloon kit, as well as kite gear. I'm in Livermore. (See SF interest as well.)

Jerusalem See Jerusalem event planning page

organizers: Hagit Keysar 972-546395936 =)

Interested in participating:

Vermont/Northern New England See Vermont/Northern New England Planning Page

organizers: Chris Fastie (contact link at bottom of page) There are about six of us within 75 miles of Middlebury, VT, just the right number for a good mapping session. I have kites, cameras, rigs, etc., and soon a new balloon kit. Let's figure this out together.

We would like to have meet ups in the following places, so if you're able to organize, please put your name and email next to the place and get in touch on the email list:

Interested in participating:

Washington D.C. organizers:

Interested in participating: John Waugh,

Philly organizers:

Interested in participating:

Seattle organizers:

Interested in participating:

Toronto organizers:

Interested in participating:

Berlin organizers:

Interested in participating:

Zurich organizers:

Interested in participating:

Somewhere in the Netherlands organizers:

Interested in participating:

A Virtual meeting for those outside of these cities organizers:

Interested in participating:

Anywhere else where mappers are interested in meeting up, add it on!


More on Balloon Mapping here See Balloon Mapping Quick Start Guide Full List of Screensharing Webinar with GonzoEarth

Organizational Questions/Requests/Concerns


Help Desk

Contact us if you need help working on that first map, or if interested in doing virtual collaborative map making training with the Public Lab Map Tools. We are also looking for people who would like to become leaders in training other people to use MapKnitter, or just want to volunteer to help answer questions.

MapKnitter Training sessions

Organizer and point person for MapKnitter Questions: email