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A page to collect project documentation and open questions on a range of topics for a December workshop in Madeira.

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Do people who collaborated at the Madeira Open Institute event have photos to share? @warren 5 months ago

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Multispectral imaging

The Infragram project brings together a range of different efforts to make Do-It-Yourself plant health comparisons possible with infrared photography. Vineyards, large farms, and NASA all use near-infrared photography for assessment, usually by mounting expensive sensors on airplanes and satellites. Infrared analysis is used for a variety of things, but most focus on assessing plant health, such as:

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How can we stream video to or from a Raspberry Pi camera? @warren 7 months ago
Can we create a guide or set of guides to interpreting infrared or NDVI images? @warren 7 months ago
Can I use a Raspberry Pi with the Pi Noir camera to make NDVI images? @warren 8 months ago
Can we use a color calibration reference card to calculate absolute values for DIY NDVI? @warren 8 months ago

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The Public Lab spectrometry project is an open source community effort to develop low-cost spectrometers for a range of purposes. Our most recent projects are the Lego Spectrometer Kit and the Papercraft Spectrometer Kit.

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Can the spectrometer or turbocharger be used for lal testing? @Ag8n 3 months ago
How can we detect contaminants in water samples with a DIY spectrometer using reagents? @warren 6 months ago
Can a DIY spectrometer be used to measure water turbidity? @warren 6 months ago
What's an easy way to compare two liquid samples with a spectrometer? @warren 8 months ago
How do I collect a sample for laboratory analysis? @warren 9 months ago
Desktop Spectrometry Kit to arduino? @jjoll 12 months ago
Can a Spectrometer be used to detect material type? @jjoll about 1 year ago
What are good containers to use for spectrometry samples? @warren over 1 year ago
Can I upgrade a DIY spectrometer with a Raspberry Pi camera? @warren over 1 year ago
Question: Can DIY-spectrometer be used for analysis of soil @interestedperson_ha New Contributor almost 2 years ago
Getting the spectrometer to work with a Raspberry Pi? @anjohn12 New Contributor about 2 years ago
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The Basic Microscope Kit is an introductory Do-It-Yourself microscope made from affordable and easy to find parts. Our goal is to measure #silica particles in the air, #microplastics, and other things using a simple-to-assemble kit.

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What are different ways to collect respirable dust samples for analysis? @warren 5 months ago
How can we set up a Raspberry Pi camera as an ethernet USB device to avoid using WiFi @warren 6 months ago
What are some ways to collect dust or particulate samples for analysis? @warren 7 months ago

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Hydrogen Sulfide

The Hydrogen Sulfide Copper Prototyping Kit is a new project looking at whether burnishing copper can be used as a means to measure the presence of toxic hydrogen sulfide gas. This is an early prototype which needs a lot of work on initial kit design and testing:

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What are some options for copper materials to make a copper plate test kit? @warren 6 months ago
Can you use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover for prepping copper for Hydrogen Sulfide test? @Zengirl2 7 months ago
How can we safely try out and evaluate a hydrogen sulfide test? @warren 7 months ago
What's the best setup for a copper rod or copper plate test for DIY hydrogen sulfide detection? @warren 7 months ago

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