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How any one can participate in the Public Lab community

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How you can participate: (only it should not be just a stupid list) We believe in creating accessible tools. In order to do that we provide full support and documentation to help you use and even develop tools with us. As you learn you can add to our growing knowledge base and help others.

Join the online community

  • Create a [[|user profile]] so you can share your findings, problems and needs for environmental monitoring or community organizing.

  • Join a mailing list (google group) around a topic or region.

  • [[Instructions for creating local mailing lists]]

Attend Regional Events to Tackle Problems Where you Live

PLOTS communities are mostly organized by regional “chapters” -- some of which are jump-started by staff members, and others of which developed organically in response to local issues or goals.

See All Upcoming Events

There's so many!

Share online through social media

Attend our Annual Barn Raising Event

Describe what the heck a barn raising is, why you do it , the outcomes and that it's open to the public. Seriously, I can't find this annywhere on the website.

Read or Subscribe to Grassroots Mapping Forum

Grassroots Mapping Forum Spreads

  • [[| Subscribe ]] [[The Grassroots Mapping Forum]] is our quarterly printed community research journal/archive/zine/map, where we hope to share ideas, techniques, and stories from the Grassroots Mapping community. (For those of you who don't know, we are a community of activist cartographers who use DIY tools for civic science -- we take aerial photos using kites and balloons of things like the BP oil spill.)

Participate in Research

About: [[Research notes]] are the easiest and best way to share (i.e. open source) your work in a more permanent form. [[Post a research note]] about your work to solicit input, publish tests or prototypes, ask questions, or just to keep track of links and research documents.

Why bother?

(example of recent Research Notes. Visually laid out next to this section)

Link to post a research note.

Community Organizing

  • Read and Contribute to the Public Lab Guide to Community Organizing

  • Contact Organizers in your area.

  • Events


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