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First contact and pathways through

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This wiki page is dedicated to the many ways that people first encounter Public Lab--from seeing a tweet, to picking up our Grassroots Mapping Forum, or following a link to our website--and the pathways they take through the ecosystem. This is also referred to as Sequence of Engagement or an Engagement Funnel.

In Person

  • seeing someone doing some investigation or tinkering in public --> conversation --> printed information or sticker
  • individual member of the community presenting Public Lab to you --> guided walk through
  • through over-hearing someone mention Public Lab in another context --> searching the web for "public lab" --> is first result
  • an event with many members present --> getting on the local mailing list in order to hear about upcoming events -->

Through physical items

  • picking up tool pieces and asking what they are --> being shown the tool wiki page
  • picking up a kit --> reading the packaging --> going to the software's website
  • ordering a kit --> receiving shipping confirmation email that invites you to join the community --> going to website


Via press coverage

  • news article may link to a dataset, main website, or software --> you click through


  • searching for community science or environmental justice issues --> our website is a top result

Social media / campaigns

  • tweet --> deep link to a research note --> sidebar links to Related Wiki Pages --> click on tag --> view results by tag --> click on a prolific author's profile --> click Join in top menu bar
  • facebook
  • Kickstarter --> --> --> mailing lists


  • read a forwarded email from a friend --> follow link to google group at bottom of page --> read through messages --> Join Group