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Air Quality Class 2

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Class Home

Getting Started

Prior to class: Facilitator reviews blog posts before class, and identifies 5 - 10 great research site proposals.

In class activity A: Sensor location review

  • Review the student postings on,
  • Recap what makes the sites suitable or not,
  • Discuss viability of sites in terms of physical access & power.

In class activity B: Close look at the sensor units

  • Point out what each component is measuring
  • Explain how each component works
  • Explain how data is being recorded, and the clock.

In class activity C: Assemble one unit

  • Plug in the power jack,
  • Insert the SD card,
  • Screw the board into the housing.
  • Review what is needed to install a sensor unit properly.

In class activity D: Class installs and connects multiple (2 - 5) units in the classroom or just outside of the classroom, for practice and experience.

Week 2 Assignment:

Take home sensor units

  • 6 students in each class (12 total) are chosen to take home sensor units in the first round
  • In class, specify on where the sensors will be installed
  • Students bring sensors home and install them in their homes
  • These 12 students make posts on the blog detailing where they installed their sensor
  • Other students make blog posts recapping what they learned in class

Post includes:

  • 1 image of their sensor unit plugged in and turned on
  • At least 2 images of what is around the sensor
  • Writing about what challenges they encountered
  • Writing other observations

Sensors will remained installed for 2 weeks in this location. map page

2013-02-15 10.22.56