**Welcome to the translation project for! ** **The goal of this project** is to make more genial and accessible to new and existing users and foster diversity. **The final result** will be that can load in other languages according to what people have their own browser language preference set to. **What we're doing together** is each contributing translations of the small bits of text that appear all around the website, like the sidebar, the header, and the footer. **Check out the series of activities below to get involved, thanks!** ### Status Click this link to see the current translation progress for various languages: ## Translation lifecycle You can read about the full lifecycle of the translation system, from when new text is added to the Public Lab website code, to when it enters our Transifex account, to being translated and re-imported back into the code, at this great guide by @ajitmujumdar25999 (part of our [2021 GSoC team](/gsoc)!): > ## Translation prompts By clicking the button "Join this group", you enable small prompts around the site, for text which are not yet translated into the language you've selected. Click them, and you'll be prompted to provide a translation. You will need a Transifex account (see below). The people in this list have signed up to see these prompts and help translate the website: [people:translation-helper] **** ## Activities for people who want to translate this website [activities:localization] ### Publishing new translation texts to the website To get new translations actually published on the website, we need to take a few steps, starting with opening a GitHub issue. See this example: If it's a new language, we will also need to add it to the footer listing; please contact an admin for this. **** ## Activities for people who want to translate specific guides for tools [activities:translation] **Watch this small video on using Transifex for translation** Request an additional guide **** ## Activities for Transifex managers [activities:localization-managers] **** ## Frequently Asked Questions [question:translation] **** Original proposal by @jiteshxyz: and write-up: ...

Notes on translation by pipix51