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Transifex Internationalisation of

by pipix51 | December 27, 2016 14:38 27 Dec 14:38 | #13808 | #13808


I translated some strings on Transifex for Public Lab as part of the internationalisation project and as a task for Google Code In 2016. As I have a basic understanding of Chinese, I translated the words on the webpage into Chinese. Overall the interface provided by Transifex is easy to use and at first glance, I could undertand what I had to do to translate the strings given.


Firstly,I created an account on Transifex, linking it to my Facebook account, then I asked for an invite into the Transifex internationalisation project. Next, I navigated to the "Translate English to Chinese"section of the dashboard of the project page (Chinese was already provided as one of the languages I could translate to, hence I did not have to suggest the addition of the language to the project team).

I then clicked on one of the documents provided which had to be translated and posted the Chinese translation to the string given in the checkbox below. Following that, I then saved the translation and proceeded to systematically work my way down the strings and documents.

I took note of the details needed and created a video embedded below to introduce and help beginners to the Tranifex internationalisation project to the dashboard and steps required to translate strings from English to a language that they have knowledge of.


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