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Plant Health NDVI Consumer camera vs Professional multispectral camera

by Claytonb over 1 year ago | 9 | 3,197 | 9

I wanted to share some of my results in comparing a modified consumer camera with a scientific gr...

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Plant health NDVI Red vs Blue filter

by Claytonb almost 2 years ago | 9 | 3,410 | 5

While testing Ned Horning's calibration plugin([Ned's plugin](

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Why a red filter should work well for NDVI

by nedhorning about 4 years ago | 12 | 8,758 | 5

In my recent research note comparing NDVI images created using blue and red filters (http://publi...

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Red vs. blue filters for NDVI

by nedhorning about 4 years ago | 32 | 14,777 | 6

While working on [calibration techniques](

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