Reconfigurable Rig

# Reconfigurable Rig This aerial photography rig was designed by @Ranon Prichard as an Autodesk Student Expert Intern project funded by [Autodesk]( The goal is to create an affordable yet versatile rig that can be reconfigured in a number of ways for use in [pole](/tag/pole-mapping), [balloon and kite aerial](/wiki/balloon-mapping) photography in several configurations. The parts are standard hardware store parts and laser cut plywood pieces. Research notes on the rigs and their usage are tagged [reconfigurable-rig](/tag/Reconfigurable-Rig). Please [post your research.](/post) The parts, 3D printing and laser cutting files, and assembly instructions are available in the [Reconfigurable Rig Github repository]( ###About the Development [![RubberBandUsage.png](//](// The rig features a rubber band powered pan mechanism which uses a pipe fitting filled with silly putty as resistance, inspired by a [design]( by Simon Harbord. More details in [this note.]( Electronics free alternatives to the Silly Putty panning mechanism are [explored here]( The rig was inspired by [Tinker Toy type connectors](/notes/ranon/06-22-2016/plastic-tubing-oblique-kap-rig), and the use of beverage tubing in [KAPtery rigs](/tag/kaptery). The use of [cable clamps and 2D parts](/notes/ranon/07-07-2016/reconfigurable-rig) to make Tinker Toy-like pieces enables the parts to be produced via laser cutting for more affordable kits. More configurations for pole photography are [explored here](/notes/ranon/08-10-2016/reconfigurable-rig-pole-configuration-and-github-repository). ###Development and Beta testing If you would like a Reconfigurable Rig, please contact The rig is currently undergoing testing. Beta Testing questions are listed below. Loading... ...

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