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by ranon | July 18, 2016 20:30 18 Jul 20:30 | #13298 | #13298

Pole Mapping

We started off by using a pole mapping kit to photograph all of the kite and balloon gear we brought to test.



It also functions as the world's longest selfie stick!


First Kite Flight

Next, we flew the 9-foot Dazzle Delta kite, which is included in the kite mapping kits.


We used Chris Fastie's latest KAPtery rig, the Aerobee. We tested the JerkPan tilt mechanism, which allows the rig to turn with a tug on the line.



IMG_4122_-_IMG_4169_blended_fused.jpg Unfortunately, due to the uniformity of the grass field we photographed and the low camera angle, a successful panorama could not be stitched.

Second Kite Flight


For our next flight, we flew the purple Dopero kite. We used a reconfigurable rig with a silly putty tilt mechanism.



Unfortunately, due to some friction points in the silly putty tilt mechanism, it had a tendency to take more photos at specific angles, with other angles being spotty.


We were able to capture about 180-200 degrees of coverage from the photos, which I stitched into this panorama.

Balloon Flight

The following morning we conducted a balloon rig test. The balloon we used was a polyethylene balloon filled with 60 cu. ft. of helium.

We attached a reconfigurable rig with silly putty tilt mechanism, with modifications from the previous flight which included the use of two rubber bands and added silly putty, as well as added tubing on the inner two hubs that connect the camera platform.


With a broader range images captured, (and after some experience with photo stitching software) I was able to stitch a 360 degree panorama from the photos on this flight.




I love the distorted grass image.

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Further panoramas from more recent flights 28866493391_f51c790729_o.jpg

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Here's the same full size with the levels adjusted:


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