A page to collect project documentation and open questions on a range of topics for a December workshop in Madeira. Also, see @warren's talk here: **** ## Questions [questions:madeira] **** ![]( ## Multispectral imaging The [Infragram project](/infragram) brings together a range of different efforts to make Do-It-Yourself plant health comparisons possible with infrared photography. Vineyards, large farms, and NASA all use near-infrared photography for assessment, usually by mounting expensive sensors on airplanes and satellites. Infrared analysis is used for a variety of things, but most focus on assessing plant health, such as: * to assess crops and #agricultural practices * better #soil management (reducing #fertilizer, soil treatments) * in #wetlands analysis See related activities [questions:infragram-challenges] **** [![PC051869.JPG](]( ## Spectrometry The Public Lab [spectrometry project](/spectrometry) is an open source community effort to develop low-cost spectrometers for a range of purposes. Our most recent projects are the [Lego Spectrometer Kit](/lego) and the [Papercraft Spectrometer Kit](/paper-spec). See related activities [questions:spectrometry-challenge] **** ![](![sample_3.jpg]( ## Microscopes The [Basic Microscope Kit](/basic-microscope) is an introductory Do-It-Yourself microscope made from affordable and easy to find parts. Our goal is to measure #silica particles in the air, #microplastics, and other things using a simple-to-assemble kit. See related activities [questions:basic-microscope-challenge] **** ## Hydrogen Sulfide The [Hydrogen Sulfide Copper Prototyping Kit](/hydrogen-sulfide-copper-pipe) is a new project looking at whether burnishing copper can be used as a means to measure the presence of toxic hydrogen sulfide gas. This is an early prototype which needs a lot of work on initial kit design and testing: See related activities [questions:h2s-copper-pipe-challenge] ...

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