In a region where the control and definition of territory is the seed of many conflicts, this Public Lab region seeks to create thought provoking activities that question assumed understandings of how we see and intervene in spatial territorial and land issues - with the hope that these provocations on place and space help us project new imaginations and future solutions. ##Organizers in the Middle East Region [Claudia Martinez Mansell ](http://publiclab.org/profile/clauds) [Hagit Keysar ](http://publiclab.org/profile/hagitkeysar) ##Public Lab Chapters in the Middle East Saudi Arabia: * https://mapknitter.org/maps/albiqa-1_archaeological_village_west_saudi_arabia South Lebanon * Bourj Al Shamali Refugee Camp http://publiclab.org/wiki/bourj-al-shamali-refugee-camp Palestine/Israel * Eastern Jerusalem/Western Jerusalem [One Piece at a Time](publiclab.org/wiki/jerusalem) ##Chapter's mailing lists: [PublicLab-Jerusalem](https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/publiclab-jerusalem)...

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