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Balloon mapping images as a way to explain life in a refugee camp

by Mustapha | September 27, 2016 20:35 27 Sep 20:35 | #13492 | #13492

In August 2016, I went to ZKU in Berlin for 10 days to present the work we have been doing in Bourj Al Shamali camp, but also to learn how to use mapknitter and work with Claudia on the next steps on the project. As the internet connection in the camp is very bad, having the opportunity to work together in one computer made everything more easy.

In addition, we also organised an exhibition about balloon mapping and our experience of it.


What was interesting about the experience, was that the balloon mapping was a great way to talk to people about the refugee camp and to use our work to explain about how our lives in the camp are. Many people came to the talk and see the exhibition and asked many questions, especially with the current situation of refugees in Germany.


In Berlin there are also many Palestinians from the refugee camps in Lebanon who now live in Germany. They also visited the exhibition (above photo) and asked many questions - they were amused that we had managed to do balloon mapping in the camp!

Finally I also showed people how you do balloon mapping and we had a demonstration of the technique. At ZKU, we shared information about Public Lab and the two new guides in German and Arabic!



This is really great @Mustapha! Also, here's the link to where the Arabic and German guides are posted:

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thank you it's look amazing @liz ;-)

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