This page lists recent and urgent requests of all kinds across the Public Lab network, for those looking to pitch in on others' projects and needs.

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Desktop Spectrometry Starter Kit 3.0 Assembly Instructions

by abdul almost 2 years ago | 5 | 5,773 | 6

These instructions will guide you through the assembly process of the desktop spectrometer. Th...

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Help about NDVI obtained with Mapir cameras.

by peppepegasus New Contributor over 2 years ago | 22 | 2,597 | 1

Hi guys, it is the first time I write on Publiclab. With my group we are investigatiing on the u...

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Calibration for non-webcam users?

by zapfding New Contributor almost 6 years ago | 5 | 2,333 | 2

I am working with a handheld diffraction grating spetroscope attached to a digital camera. Unfort...

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Diamond kite bridles

by lfamular about 6 years ago | 0 | 11,432 | 0

The kite bridle is the arrangement of strings that go between a kite and the flying line. The bri...

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