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map of Bayou Bienvenue CIAP restoration ("B" of Green Slice area)

by eustatic over 5 years ago | 5 | 6,219 | 0

TECHNICAL NOTE AND QUESTION We're going to have to repeat this one. The camera shut down prem...

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"Ground" Control Points for Bayou Bienvenue

by eustatic over 5 years ago | 5 | 5,732 | 2 WHAT'S IN A GHOST SWAMP? One goal of the <a href="http://publiclabora...

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Green Slice- Lower 9th Ward

by GroundworkNola over 5 years ago | 1 | 2,306 | 2

Groundwork: New Orleans with the EPA and local partners are looking to create an annotated map...

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Bayou Bienvenue mapping: out of focus

by eustatic over 5 years ago | 3 | 3,403 | 0

last week, Scott Eustis, Scott Anderson, India Bush, Raynesha Jordan, and Aaliyah Marrero, in coo...

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