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Green Slice- Lower 9th Ward

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Groundwork: New Orleans with the EPA and local partners are looking to create an annotated mapping project for our Green Slice initiative. The idea is to create awareness and access in the lower 9th ward to the importance of Bayou Bienvenue and other Urban Waterways to our way of life here in South East Louisiana.

We will be mapping three different zones of the Green Slice Corridor that runs from Bayou Bienvenue down Caffin Avenue to the Mississippi River. We are focusing on storm water management features, wildlife habitat, recreational and community spaces and blighted property and using youth led community engagement to help come up with solutions and innovative ideas to raise awareness and access.

If you would like to find out more information regarding the Green Slice Project, you can email us at

We have planned a few work dates to send up a balloon the first set of dates: Thursday 10/2 (with a wind/rain date for Thursday 10/4) Saturday 10/6 with our Green Team Students


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