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bhamster "Just saw this! :raised_hands: "New York State Denies Air Pollution Permit for Fossil Fuel-burning Crypto mining operation, Citing Energy-Intensity ..." | Read more » 22 days ago
liz "Network map in Little Sis by @marinaraHQ " | Read more » 5 months ago
Ag8n "The last heard, Ohio decided it was excessive levels of fertilizers that caused the problem. So, the solution was to limit when fertilizers could ..." | Read more » 5 months ago
marinaraHQ "I think it would be great- really excited to work with you this coming weekend! I read over the materials you posted, I think the fishing bobs woul..." | Read more » 5 months ago
liz "I got in touch with the author of the Grist article as we know each other from civic tech days in NYC. She stated that she has continuing interest ..." | Read more » 5 months ago
Ag8n "Believe it or not, during the seaon, this is on the weather segment of the local news. The local water intakes (Cleveland) are often threatened by..." | Read more » 5 months ago
liz "For detecting temperature change in waterbodies, see: thermal "fishing bob" $5 diy sensor, then you take a timelapse of its color change as it is..." | Read more » 5 months ago
liz "Looks like Harmful Algae Blooms are top of the list of direct threat to public health posed by the release of hot water into Lake Seneca. Summariz..." | Read more » 5 months ago