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eymund "Some samples of the dye dispersion patterns as seen from the balloon camera: Vechte's Brook - Bronwen running pour tests.. Dentons Spring We..." | Read more » almost 8 years ago
eymund "Thanks for the comments on dye density ! Because the dye was largely freshwater being poured into brackish saltwater it tended to float on surface..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
liz "Photo featured here: http://plannerspointing.tumblr.com/post/98902068918/september-27-2014-eymund-diegel-discussing-the " | Read more » about 8 years ago
btbonval "Talking about density, temperature, and floating makes me think of a Galileo thermometer: they are sealed with little glass beads that show the tem..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
btbonval "Canoes shouldn't create eddies that penetrate very deeply into the water current. Did the dye penetrate into the water or rest on top? If the dye ..." | Read more » about 8 years ago