Question: Can we use rPi camera for fluorescence measurement in plants

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yusufm asked on January 09, 2017 15:26
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I am working on studying signalling in plants. Currently trying to make a portable system that can measure intensity of fluorescence in plant leaves infused with different fluorescent dyes.

Any ideas which kind of webcam or camera might be suitable for such application. I have been experimenting with rPi camera since more than a month. But apparently, picamera looks too much programming demanding.

Any suggestions, thoughts, brain storming - most welcome.

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cfastie over 1 year ago

How bright is the fluorescence? What color, and how long does it last? Do you shine a light on the leaves to make them fluoresce? What color? How long?

yusufm over 1 year ago

Flourescence is not very bright nor too low (depends how much dye i inject), emission in green band, might last few 10s of ms.

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1 Answers

Hi - i wonder if @gbathree may have some insights into this -- the #multispeq may be a way forward on this?

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