Question: How can we detect contaminants in water samples with a DIY spectrometer using reagents?

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by warren | December 18, 2017 12:28 | #15393

I've seen some good work on the site with #reagents, which change color or opacity of a liquid sample when a specific compound or chemical is present. Since lots of people are interested in using spectrometers to do this; what kind of experiment design would enable people to do reagent-based analysis with a DIY spectrometer like one of these?


What contaminants exactly you are talking about? There is photometer reagents for many different chemicals. For example this shop has many different kinds you can look at. In description there reads method that that reagent uses. Just google method and you will find articles about it.

I am going to test hydroponics water with reagents like these and spectrometer for nutrient level analysis when I have build my Lego spectrometer. I will share my experience later.

Here is example of using commercial colorimeter to measure aluminum concentration in water.

I hope this is helpful.

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