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Question:Is anyone studying or writing about the rise in Codes of Conduct in open source projects?

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by warren | December 13, 2017 04:45 | #15359

I just posted a short piece on codes of conduct as relate to software outreach -- and I've seen a lot of evidence that they're being adopted at an accelerating pace by different communities. Is there any scholarship or writing about this trend that people could share?



Look to http://sage.thesharps.us/ who emphasizes to people who install Codes of Conduct not to forget about the actual enforcement part once something goes wrong. Just the posting alone is no silver bullet. Also Claudina Sarahe https://twitter.com/itsmisscs of http://compositescollective.com/ can speak to this.

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There's a lot of related information and testing/discussion/research on moderation at CivilServant.io:


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