Question: How can we stream video to or from a Raspberry Pi camera?

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by warren | December 05, 2017 17:43 | #15301

This is a key part of ease of use with Raspberry Pi based spectrometers, and also Infragram use with Raspberry Pi cameras:

Read more at:

Would love to modify both these pieces of software to be able to stream from a Rasberry Pi on a local network, or even on the same device. The relevant code sections are:


There's some really good starting code here:

Please help out if you can!

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Looks like you can just load it as an image using this code, and insert it:

var piImage = new Image(); piImage.onload = function() { context.drawImage(piImage, 0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height); } piImage.src = "http://raspberry.local/cam_pic.php?time=" + new Date().getTime();

But we'll need to set up CORS permissions on the Pi to do this from or, unless we run a version of that code on the Pi itself:

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