Question: Pros/cons to cheap handheld water meters for pH, TDS, conductivity?

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by warren | October 01, 2019 18:29 | #21044

While buying parts for the #knowflow sensor collection, I saw some pretty affordable <$20 sensors on Amazon:

Do people have experience with these, know about their limitations, or has anyone compared them to, for example, DF Robot's collection of sensors that connect to Arduino?


For one, these sensors don't seem to log data, but they're so easy to use otherwise that they seem pretty good for a workshop, for example!

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I've notices that if these pH meters are left sitting out, or if they get used frequently enough, they need calibration. These sets come with buffer solutions, but if you plan on holding on to yours for more than 6 months, it will need calibration after that.

Thanks! I'd guess that's true of some of #dfrobot / #knowflow sensors too, since several of theirs ship with buffer and are off-the-shelf probes connected to an Arduino. Good tip!

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