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Question:What are good containers to use for spectrometry samples?

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warren asked on September 29, 2016 21:19
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Sourcing from this page, I'm interested in how to choose the best containers for samples while scanning.

I've heard @eustatic distinguish between long-term storage, which could be in a cool, dark place, in glass, for most substances -- and short-term containers, which must:

  • be optically extremely clear
  • not be soluable in the solvent used (not a big problem for mineral oil, but isopropyl or diesel can dissolve different plastics)
    • so it doesn't melt the container
    • so the sample doesn't get contaminated by the melted material from the container
  • not leak while you're using it
  • be cheap -- <$1 each, hopefully!
  • be small -- so light can shine through it, and not too much sample is required
  • anything else?

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There are actually resources across this site to answer this question; I'm just trying to get it all into one place!

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