Question: How do I join a volunteer Disaster Response Team for flooding?

warren is asking a question about stormwater
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by warren | September 08, 2017 17:17 | #14867

Sharing this question after several members of the Gulf Coast discussion list offered resources related to volunteer Disaster Response Teams.


Miriam from the Gulf Coast discussion list (not sure of her username here?) shared:

I participated as part of the Disaster Response Team last summer after the Baton Rouge area floods -- it's a worthwhile thing to volunteer to do (recording High Water Marks). I can connect folks with Shandy from LFMA if you're interested!

@eustatic also said:

if you are really interested in floodplain monitoring, people's houses, insurance, etcm LFMA professionals have a volunteer Disaster Team that rushes in to measure flooding on homes for the NFIP.

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