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Question:Has anyone tried a dashboard camera for timelapse or aerial mapping?

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warren asked on September 06, 2016 15:13
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Hi, all -- I recently read a review of dashboard cameras, and they're really emerging as a mainstream product category in the US. These are the cameras which automatically start running on your dashboard whenever you start up your car, and are designed to be compact, reliable, and extremely high-capacity.

They're not super high resolution, but some are quite light (although the #mobius Action Cam is ~1.34oz) and have built-in GPS. Some seem to have timelapse capabilities.

I looked around on Amazon and found a couple which are good resolution, weight, and cost:

Product Price Resolution Weight
Black Box B40-C $74 1080P 2.1 ounces
Arpenkin Mini 0805 $64.50 1296P 9 ounces

Has anyone tried using a dashboard camera for #aerial-mapping, #trap-cam or #timelapse work?

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