Question: What are easy and fast ways to get files off a Raspberry Pi?

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warren asked on August 01, 2019 10:11
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Discussing in, we realized the (second) disk partition that contains images in our standard #pi-builder software (used in the #pi-camera, #infragram-pi, and #lego-spectrometer projects) doesn't just show up as a disk in either Mac OS X or Windows 7.

@icarito maybe you have some ideas?


Copying in from the original comment thread:

I think maybe we need to work this problem at the pi-builder level, if only by making the images downloadable more directly over WiFi, but for now I'll share some links to try to get your photos off quickly.

This may be an alternative on Windows:

I wish there were a relatively plug and play way to mount an Ext filesystem on a Mac. It seems kind of ridiculous for people to use filesystems that aren't compatible.

thanks! for what it's worth, last weekend i had success transferring half a GB of photos over WiFi from a RPi to my laptop.

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