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Question:What's the best way to attach a camera to a balloon?

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warren asked on July 03, 2017 15:59
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(reposting a question by Dani S from our Kickstarter) -- of course, it depends on a lot of things!

I'm thinking -- the considerations are:

  • weight
  • cost
  • complexity (ease of building/fixing)
  • portability (does it pack down for transport)
  • stability in the wind
  • crash-proofness
  • waterproofing
  • ...?

There are LOTS of solutions for this posted at https://publiclab.org/wiki/photo-rig -- but in particular, what are very lightweight ways of doing this, since the new Mini Balloon Kit is designed for cameras <100g, and a heavy enclosure could easily double that?

For starters, let's share some photos of different ways to do this!

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Zengirl2 5 months ago

I was just looking at this design by two girls doing the high altitude ballooning. I like their triangular base and was thinking of a popsicle stick version. https://www.geekwire.com/2017/sisters-plan-stratospheric-eclipse-balloon-mission-lego-lady-fly/

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1 Answers

Here is an easy camera rig you can build yourself.


A parts list and complete instructions for making one are in this research note: https://publiclab.org/notes/cfastie/07-05-2017/a-sweet-way-to-attach-a-camera-to-a-kite-or-balloon-line


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